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9:33pm Sep 20 - Thanks @stephbridgeman and @SmokingGunPR for this interesting article on PR measurement A-Z #AMECmm
12:44pm Sep 19 - PRmoment | might see you there @stephbridgeman!
5:19pm Sep 16 - In a mega jam outside Bristol. #M5 has been closed in both directions. We've travelled 8 miles in 150 minutes. 😕
5:17pm Sep 16 - New #CIPRNorthwest event on 22nd September @edgehill. It's about the skills PR practitioners of the future will need. Come and have your say
10:48pm Sep 15 - Check out "PR Skills for the Future - round table event" @EventbriteUK
9:03am Aug 26 - Welding plastic inlet ducts | Qimtek @MGSTechPlas
2:56pm Aug 16 - How fantastic is this? "Open 7 days a week" but closed Wednesdays! #managingexpectations
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