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3:42pm Jul 29 - Really interesting talk on the accuracy of data in the referendum #moreorless @BBCRadio4
9:02am Jul 29 - Lots of good news stories ranking high on my news-o-meter (!) at @LetsDo_Lancs.
6:16pm Jul 27 - Business is marketing. Sales. Fulfilment. Accounting. According to @RuthBadger #choosechorley
2:15pm Jul 27 - What time are you at @ChooseChorley event today @LetsDo_Lancs ?
1:09pm Jul 27 - Doing a bit of blue sky thinking...
4:28pm Jul 26 - Loving my bracelet thank you @Superslowway #canalfestival
1:35pm Jul 26 - Just had a great afternoon taking part in the video for @ColourMeBeautUK
3:36pm Jul 25 - 5 compelling openings for your next presentation
5:11pm Jul 22 - So this is tomorrow sorted: Blackburn Canal Festival 2016 - #Blackburn
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