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3:42pm Dec 07 - My pleasure. What a great team you've got there!
12:05pm Dec 07 - Looking forward to running a training session with @BlackburnCarers this afternoon..
10:30am Dec 04 - Rockin' the Christmas look @StCatherinesPre. Looking forward to singing with @singitbig
3:02pm Dec 03 - I'm loving this community engagement initiative @cofelancs #Chorley
11:34am Dec 03 - Haha! These were consecutive texts from super kind and thoughtful @redlegIT as I was rushing to get to theā€¦
10:35pm Nov 29 - Such a good idea.
9:48pm Nov 26 - Looking forward to Christmas festival at @StCatherinesPre 3-4 December.
1:48pm Nov 26 - Good in theory, but I predict a problem....
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