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2:55pm Jan 20 - How to Get Traction with Your New Blog
8:35am Jan 20 - Looking forward to meeting my #CIPR NW Lancashire committee today in Preston - lots of events to organise. New CIPR members welcome :-)
9:52am Jan 19 - So sorry I can't be with you today - keep me posted!
9:24am Jan 19 - The #CIPRnorthwest Lancashire subgroup meeting is tomorrow,Friday 9.30am. If you're in #CIPR this neck of the woods, why not get involved?
6:17pm Jan 18 - Delighted to see @CB_SimplyImage on the pages of @BusinessDesk_NW Styling and imaging can be a man's world
11:20pm Jan 17 - Nothing like a good cuppa in the evening
1:51pm Jan 17 - Good to see @yourbespokspace today - it's no wonder outdoor rooms are so popular with #schools
2:55pm Jan 16 - LinkedIn Changes: What Marketers Need to Know
2:50pm Jan 15 - Potato day in #Preston. One for the diary!
11:49am Jan 15 - Happily this is a rare situation, but what if this happened to your #logistics business? Would you be prepared?
2:55pm Jan 13 - 20 Tips to Help You Become A More Effective & Focused Marketer in 2017
2:55pm Jan 11 - A Step-by-Step Guide to Producing a 3,000-Word Article on Any Topic ... and if that doesn't appeal, speak to me!
2:55pm Jan 09 - 6 Influencer Marketing Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Journalists
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