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Talk your customer’s language – writing for your audience

We’re all told we need to talk our customer’s language, but when you’re really close to a topic, it’s quite difficult isn’t it? We forget about the jargon we use, day-to-day. A classic is this email that came in. It was from a magazine sales person, who presumably is trying to sell space. Or maybe an … Continue reading

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What does winning an award really mean?

Oh my goodness… we only went and won.  Best PR and Marketing Agency 2017 in the Downtown Business Awards 2017.  Delighted is an understatement! The awards are a mix of written submission and public vote, and so it was a real privilege to get so many votes of support. Thank you all. And from the … Continue reading

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Tigerfish PR shortlisted for Downtown in Business awards

Tigerfish PR is shortlisted for Best PR and Marketing Agency of the Year award in Downtown in Business awards 2017. Awards are great PR Business awards are make very powerful PR. Not only are they the ultimate in 3rd party recommendation, but importantly, are a great reason to reflect on how far a business has developed. And we’ve … Continue reading

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6 steps to prepare a company video

In the last decade social media has contributed massively to PR and how businesses communicate with their publics; and with the recent news that YouTube has taken over Facebook as the largest social network, receiving more than one billion unique visitors every month, businesses need to move to video if they want to ensure they … Continue reading

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The four things I hate about Twitter

My ‘social-media-network-of-choice’ is Twitter. I love its immediacy, its brevity and transparency. It’s a fantastic source of news, a direct route to customer service departments of national brands, and a way to engage with your business community. But there are some things which I hate about it. By far the worst culprit in my books … Continue reading

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Manufacturers – is your PR strategy losing you money?

According to The Manufacturer, manufacturing makes up 11% UK GVA,  54% of UK exports and directly employs 2.6 million people.  The UK is the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world (according to The World Bank and Wikipedia). So why, WHY, is the general assumption that we’ve not got a manufacturing base in the UK any … Continue reading

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Social media for busy people

Social media has become such an integral part of our life, it’s easy to forget it’s been around a relatively short time.  Facebook started in February 2004. Twitter in March 2006, Linkedin in 2002. Yet just because you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, does that make you an expert?  Would you know how to best use … Continue reading

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Are you prepared for disaster

Sadly, there are always business disasters. But often it’s not the disaster that lingers in the memory… it’s how a company deals with it. PR doesn’t have a magic wand, but what it can do is help with communication. If there is an incident, in the absence of information, rumour and speculation are rife. The role … Continue reading

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Dear media sales…

Can I just say at the outset, that I like media sales people. Often they have great market intelligence and we want the same thing ultimately – to get the most awareness for our joint clients. This is not a paid for vs earned diatribe. But oh, don’t you just hate poorly researched sales letters, whoever … Continue reading

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