What does winning an award really mean?

Oh my goodness… we only went and won.  Best PR and Marketing Agency 2017 in the Downtown Business Awards 2017.  Delighted is an understatement! The awards are a mix of written submission and public vote, and so it was a real privilege to get so many votes of support. Thank you all. And from the … Continue reading

Tigerfish PR shortlisted for Downtown in Business awards

Tigerfish PR is shortlisted for Best PR and Marketing Agency of the Year award in Downtown in Business awards 2017. Awards are great PR Business awards are make very powerful PR. Not only are they the ultimate in 3rd party recommendation, but importantly, are a great reason to reflect on how far a business has developed. And we’ve … Continue reading

Are you prepared for disaster

Sadly, there are always business disasters. But often it’s not the disaster that lingers in the memory… it’s how a company deals with it. PR doesn’t have a magic wand, but what it can do is help with communication. If there is an incident, in the absence of information, rumour and speculation are rife. The role … Continue reading

PR and the Labour leadership campaign

Isn’t it interesting to hear about the leadership campaign for the Labour party? The four contenders are Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn. Now, to be honest, I’m not a political animal. I’ve not been following the career of these politicians. But have YOU heard of them all? Did you already have an … Continue reading

PR blurb and writing it

Have you ever been faced with a blank sheet of paper and not know what to write on it? Knowing you need to download the great ideas in your head and onto a page… but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. We get lots of requests to write content.  The … Continue reading

How to write an article

Have you ever been asked to write a piece for the media? To share your opinion with your peers? And when you eventually come up with a topic and get it in writing, somehow it’s just not quite right? It seems rather amateur? But you don’t want to look daft, so you just duck out of the … Continue reading

How you can make the most of an exhibition

Exhibitions are a great way to showcase your products and services… but aren’t they expensive? Not just the exhibition space, the stand, the photography, the literature, the ‘giveaways’, but also the accommodation, travel and having key staff out of the business. So it’s crazy not to make the most of the show by getting just … Continue reading

Poor customer service results in bad PR

Have a you ever had a poor experience in a store? Do you tell anyone? Well yes of course you do. We are twice as likely to relate a tale of poor service, than one of praise for a retailer. So on that note let me tell you of my experience at Doorway to Value in Chorley… I was drawn … Continue reading

Learning to share

In 2014, there are four main types of PR – paid-for (like sponsored columns, networking),  earned (i.e. traditional media relations), owned (information on websites and social media outlets) and shared (creating data which is shareable, like infographics/ video etc). Here Lee Petts, managing director of Lancashire-based waste management firm Remsol, explains in this guest blog, the … Continue reading