How to write an article

Have you ever been asked to write a piece for the media? To share your opinion with your peers? And when you eventually come up with a topic and get it in writing, somehow it’s just not quite right? It seems rather amateur? But you don’t want to look daft, so you just duck out of the … Continue reading

How to export Linkedin contacts to an Excel spreadsheet

Our contacts are precious resources.  For most of us, LinkedIn is the online equivalent of a Filofax, Rotadex or business card folder. But online sources come and go. So it makes sense to periodically export your LinkedIn contacts to your desktop. LinkedIn is geared up to let you export your contacts straight into your address book … Continue reading

Do domain names matter?

There’s been a recent surge in the number of domain names available. have well over 100 options and that excludes the or .com variety. Website owners now have a choice that ranges from the prosaic (.farm  .florist or .clothing); via the general (.management and .biz  or .institute) to the indulgent (.ninja .luxury and .guru). … Continue reading

Being brave: similarities between business people and skiers

One of my recurring themes is how the best skiers are just like the best business people. Why? Well, they both need to have courage. Not foolhardy, but brave. They both need to be aware of the changing situation, take opportunities but when they have committed to doing something, the most successful, see it through. … Continue reading

The art of travelling with 48 people

We specialise in logistics PR… so here’s a very personal slant on logistics… a straightforward list of how to survive a coach journey. This year’s ski holiday, as with the previous few, has consisted of travelling by bus to the French Alps. It takes about 24 hours. We stay in a Youth Hostel, so see … Continue reading