Are you prepared for disaster

Sadly, there are always¬†business disasters. But often it’s not the disaster that lingers in the memory… it’s how a company deals with it. PR doesn’t have a magic wand, but what it can do is help with communication. If there is an incident, in the absence of information, rumour and speculation are rife. The role … Continue reading

Marathon fiasco – what can be learnt

Just over a month ago, the Sheffield half marathon was cancelled due to lack of water – and chaotic scenes ensued, with many of the 4100 runners carrying on regardless and police abandoning attempts to stop the run. A classic scenario of a crisis. It was fast moving, decisions were made under pressure, revoked, messages … Continue reading

5 Steps to communicating in a crisis

I’ve recently written a blog for John Hodkinson who runs a business resilience consultancy. It’s about the five steps you need to consider about communicating in a crisis. You can read the full piece here, because in our media savvy world, there can be widespread consequences of getting it wrong. You can also get my … Continue reading

Five steps to managing risk

In a business environment we all deal with risk. Our IT systems pose a risk. So do our processes and approach. Sometimes the unthinkable happens, as it did with me. I took the concept of a short break rather too literally, and after 4 days away, have a broken shoulder and more than 4 weeks … Continue reading