Is it time for a story? What everyone should know about introducing your company

This week, we’ve a guest blog from the very talented Catherine Sandland who trains people on how to craft and deliver inspirational presentations. Here she shares her thoughts on how to introduce your company… I have been to two corporate presentations just recently and both fell into the same trap.  When the speakers introduced themselves and their … Continue reading

Three things event organisers need to know

Inspirational presentation trainers, Catherine Sandland and Karen Hands are the people to turn to for all things presentation-wise, but I thought I though share some  issues that event organisers need to consider. Recently, I was at a half day event on collaboration tools. The two presenters were knowledgeable and engaging. But they were SO poor … Continue reading

Five tips to winning a PR pitch

When we buy anything in business, whether it’s outsourced HR, design, IT support or PR, there is usually a tendering process, which starts with “establishing a need” , and ends with “Make a decision based on a measured judgement of all the information”. However, as seasoned practitioners will know, in the world of pitching for … Continue reading

Telling your story

Over the last year, I’ve been saying YES to all the speaker opportunities I’ve been offered. It’s a fantastic way to market your business and share skills. This year, I have  spoken on PR and social media to over 1000 people across the NW England, and I’d like to share some of the top tips … Continue reading

Pitching for business – 6 steps to success

Pitching for business is a way of life for many businesses, and PR is no exception. I always liken it to finding a partner – there has to be an initial spark of ‘talking the same language’ and then discovering you have the same interests, ethics and goals is the next step. Here are my … Continue reading