Talk your customer’s language – writing for your audience

We’re all told we need to talk our customer’s language, but when you’re really close to a topic, it’s quite difficult isn’t it? We forget about the jargon we use, day-to-day. A classic is this email that came in. It was from a magazine sales person, who presumably is trying to sell space. Or maybe an … Continue reading

The four things I hate about Twitter

My ‘social-media-network-of-choice’ is Twitter. I love its immediacy, its brevity and transparency. It’s a fantastic source of news, a direct route to customer service departments of national brands, and a way to engage with your business community. But there are some things which I hate about it. By far the worst culprit in my books … Continue reading

Manufacturers – is your PR strategy losing you money?

According to The Manufacturer, manufacturing makes up 11% UK GVA,  54% of UK exports and directly employs 2.6 million people.  The UK is the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world (according to The World Bank and Wikipedia). So why, WHY, is the general assumption that we’ve not got a manufacturing base in the UK any … Continue reading

Dear media sales…

Can I just say at the outset, that I like media sales people. Often they have great market intelligence and we want the same thing ultimately – to get the most awareness for our joint clients. This is not a paid for vs earned diatribe. But oh, don’t you just hate poorly researched sales letters, whoever … Continue reading

The secret about PR and manufacturers

In my experience, almost all manufacturers are very modest about what they do. They see it as everyday stuff, nothing which would interest anyone else, and feel that PR is for other companies. Bigger companies. Anyone, certainly not them. However. Brace yourself for a shocking revelation… you’re already doing PR. Your factory is well kept … Continue reading

Networking – just another 60 seconds?

There are well over 1000 networking groups in the UK, which meet every week. You could dine out, breakfast, lunch and dinner for £5-£10 a session, just as long as you can smile and summon your 60 second ‘elevator pitch’. And in return?  Well, apart from being fed, you can meet possibly hundreds of new, … Continue reading

5 top tips for students looking for work experience

This weeks blog is written by Molly Pritchard, Business and Management student at University of Central Lancashire. With a keen interest in PR and Marketing and one year left before graduation, she is currently on a placement with us at TigerFish PR.  Here she shares some top tips for other students looking for work placements… Gaining valuable … Continue reading

10 things your competitors will be delighted you do…

In my experience, when companies are doing one (or more) of the following list, it will bring joy to the hearts of their competitors. I guarantee it.  Are you guilty of saying/doing any of these? Our receptionist wanted more to do, so we’ve given her the marketing role Our MD’s teenager is good with people, so they’re doing our PR … Continue reading

Max your reputation on minimum budget

Think for a moment about the brands you buy. Of course, you have an opinion of them: you know something about what they do, you presumably like them, you know more-or-less where they are in the market i.e. – are they top of the range, like Waitrose or simply great value, like Aldi. Is it a Porche … Continue reading