Tigerfish PR takes part in National Citizen Service for CIPR

On 31st October 2013, Amanda Jackson, MD of Tigerfish PR, took part in the first of CIPR’s educational workshops for the National Citizen Service, at Blackburn College.

One of 6 practitioners who volunteered their time, Amanda, along with Will Stone from UPM, led three workshops to 16/17 year olds on ‘how do stories get into the news’.

Kim Roberts, CIPR policy officer says “Research by our Diversity Working Group, told us that 16-18 year olds had little or no idea what public relations was or what a career in PR looks like. We also learned that young adults were reluctant to enter a profession where they felt they couldn’t see people who looked like them. Therefore we not only want to increase the visibility of our profession, but at the same time we want to increase the diversity within it.”

“It was really inspiring to meet these young people and to have an opportunity to find out what they thought about PR,” said Amanda. “Many had not even considered where news stories came from at the start of the sessions, but had a much better awareness at the end.

“What was most surprising was how few actually got their news from papers. We did a straw poll, and it appeared that maybe 10% got their news from papers, 10% from radio, 25% from social media – but an astonishing number didn’t actively seek news at all. It certainly is something that we need to be addressing when we are thinking about communication channels.”

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