Social media options

OPTION 1 – Twitter/LinkedIn starter pack

This is ideal for those who are new to social media for business, and want to get involved.
Our social media starter pack includes
How to set up your profiles
Who to follow
How to connect
What the abbreviations mean
How to make time for social media
What not to do
How to get followers
What to tweet

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OPTION 2 – Social media next steps

Once you have got the hang of Twitter/LinkedIn, we will work with you over two half hour sessions to help you really engage with your networks.

We will look at
How to keep it going
Searching and hashtags
Using lists on Twitter
Measuring success
Free apps to make life easier
Creating company profiles and groups (LinkedIn)
Basics of Facebook for business

Find out how you can make time for social media

OPTION 3 – Social media on track

Then for those companies who are up and running on social media, or have taken the first two sessions, we will provide a helicopter view of your twitter accounts over a month, and report back with suggestions on how to improve things.  
Automation and scheduling
Creating content to drive traffic to website
Pinterest account creation and setup

Keep social media fresh and  learn what is the best way to drive traffic

OPTION 4 – Outsourcing social media

Because social media is such an empowering platform, we encourage clients to tweet themselves.

However, sometimes social media – Twitter in particular – can get quite overwhelming.

In order to keep your accounts growing, to gain influence and make it all more manageable still, we will provide hands on management of your account for two months, to arrange those you follow into lists, to unfollow ghosts/machines, and help tweet to grow follower base. We will also review your twitter activity, and make recommendations.

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