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May 1, 2017
May 1, 2017

Five steps to managing risk

In a business environment we all deal with risk. Our IT systems pose a risk. So do our processes and approach. Sometimes the unthinkable happens, as it did with me. I took the concept of a short break rather too literally, and after 4 days away, have a broken shoulder and more than 4 weeks of one-handed immobility. I took a risk (ie. trying to snowboard) and the consequence is an inability to drive, it’s hard to type, tricky to get to meetings etc. My next ski holiday is a write-off.

And as I deal with ‘issues and reputation management’ for my clients, it occurred to me that there are some analogies I can draw between my snowboarding accident and my recommendations to companies who find themselves in a painful and unexpected situation.

These are my recommendations for businesses, to prepare you for those unexpected issues:

  • Anticipate the sort of issues your company might face

  • Have a back up plan in place

  • Communicate with all the relevant people immediately – or have statements ready to do so

  • Call on experts to assist

  • Have you taken steps to avoid this incident happening again?

The critical question is – did I heed my own advice? Well, the answers will come as no surprise to those who know me: yes, yes, yes, yes and hell no, I’m going to master this snowboarding lark!  But MY accident happily will be resolved in a few weeks, with only me inconvenienced. Can you be quite so relaxed about a possible incident at your business?

If you want to speak to me about issues management, give me a call on 01254 851 680, or email , for sound, pragmatic, cost effective advice. (Except if it is to do with skiing)




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