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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

Pitching for business – 6 steps to success

Pitching for business is a way of life for many businesses, and PR is no exception. I always liken it to finding a partner – there has to be an initial spark of ‘talking the same language’ and then discovering you have the same interests, ethics and goals is the next step.

Here are my 6 crucial areas to think about if you are pitching for business:

  • Make sure you have Smart objectives (ones which are specific, measurable, realistic and timely)
  • Do a comms audit beforehand, so you know the baseline you are working from
  • Discuss how exactly the business will be managed.. The day to day contact point, and the reporting process
  • Understand and manage client expectations
  • Explain how you measure success
  • Demonstrate your sector specific knowledge

And remember, pitching is a two way process.. Courtship needs both people involved, so be prepared to walk away if you think that spark is missing.

What aspects do you consider at a pitch?

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