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February 8, 2018
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February 15, 2018

Who we work with…

The short answer to the question ‘who do we work with?’ is, ‘not everyone’.

Since starting in Tigerfish PR in 2001, we’ve worked with a whole host of clients – start ups to international blue chips; business to business and business to consumer; law firms, accountants, kitchen companies; plastics manufacturers, logistics companies and printers.

But we’ve honed and refined what we do and who we are. Today, we are far, far more focussed. Far far more prepared to say ‘sorry, the fit isn’t right’. Far far more confident to say ‘you’re not right for us’ (or equally, ‘we’re not right for you’)

The skills we have, of course, cross over into the different disciplines. But we stick to what we know we’re good at.

So first of all, who don’t we work with?

  • We don’t work with start up businesses as a rule on a one-to-one basis *
  • We don’t work with clients who say ‘pah, I could do that’ because you know what?
    •  they almost certainly can’t
    •  if they don’t value their own time, they won’t value ours

Who do we work with?

  • We work with clients who share our passion for integrity, customer service and professionalism.
  • We work with manufacturers. Because our MD, Amanda, started her working career in  manufacturing and understands the challenges and the people. And how much difference great PR makes.
    • We have excellent contacts within the manufacturing media and within the press their customers read.
    • We have developed a ‘Tigerfish way’ that gives manufacturers a step by step framework to getting great PR
    • We ensure PR delivers against the key business objectives.
  • We work with logistics companies. Because it is such a wonderful, vital sector.
    • We have worked with 17 logistics companies over the past decade or so,  and have great contacts and understanding of the sector
    • We have logistics-specific journalists to write relevant content
    • Our network of logistics contacts means we can amplify your messages by using our owned media.
  • And most importantly, we work with nice people. People who don’t make our hearts sink. Because life it too short to spend it with them. And good heavens – we manage their reputation, so we have to believe in them.


So, if you’re a manufacturer or logistics company we’d love to hear from you. But only if you’re nice.



*We have a 7 day TigerfishLite incubator, which will give startups all the info they need to to get some cracking PR.  Drop an email to and, where we can, we’ll give free advice and support, as our way of putting something back into the business community.

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