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April 20, 2020
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December 17, 2020

How important is praise?

Thumbs up, well done sign

In the Tigerfish PR world, we love what we do. And we genuinely try to do the best for all our clients, that’s just a given. But it is SO nice when all that effort gets acknowledged.

This week has been particularly good. Here are just some of the comments we received:

“We couldn’t have done it without you” (about creating a presentation full of facts and figures, to an extremely tight deadline);
“We really like the style and look… it’s very professional”
(about an A4 newsletter); and
“Great work!”
(about an award entry.)

So much of what we do is about making sure our clients communicate well with their customers, their staff and their other stakeholders but it sometimes easy to forget that we too, are in fact a stakeholder…

And feedback is so valuable.

So next time you are working with a supplier, and they’ve done a fabulous job, don’t forget to tell them. A little bit of praise goes a long long way!

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