A quick way to remember names

One of the things which always impresses me, is then someone remembers my name. What great PR!  PR is all about building relationships, establishing rapport. Which of course, can be tricky if you can’t remember what that friend, client or journalist is called. It’s a skill that for me, is sadly intermittent.  Somehow, no matter how … Continue reading

Do people really know what you do?

Last week, I was at a networking meeting, when Chris, who designs mobile apps asked a great question. “How many here know what coding is?” (and about a third of us put our hands up). Then he asked “And how many here know what programming is?” (and the same people said yes they did). Which … Continue reading

Being understood?

We’ve just spent a team-building long weekend in the French Alps, enjoying the snow and the chat. This is the conversation I overheard at the bottom of the ski slopes – where a colleague was buying a lift pass: French ticket booth attendant: “Oui?” Steve: “I would like a 3-day ski-lift pass to the Grand … Continue reading

Christmas newsletters – love them or loathe them?

I’m betting that this Christmas, like me, you got a fair few ’round robin’ newsletters. And I am equally confident that they have a mixed reception in your home. I get the most amazing ones sharing news, photos, the year’s highs and lows. And some which are so sickly sweet they are the postal equivalent … Continue reading

Maximising the PR opportunities of awards

It’s that time of year again… no, not the run up to Christmas, but the height of the awards season. Time to review the great work you’ve done, enter awards, sponsor awards and buy a new outfit in readiness for the awards dinner. Now, I’m a big believer in the reputational power of awards. At … Continue reading

Surprising what you overhear…

I was in a pub this lunchtime, which gave me ample time for some ‘people watching’. There were six other people, sat in pairs on three separate tables.  Two husband and wife combos, both in their 60’s or 70’s, who ate in total silence. And then on another table, a man and his friend, probably … Continue reading

Essential ways to approach a PR strategy

Generating caravan sales was an unexpected, ongoing theme in the March PR Strategy workshop in Manchester. But feature it did, and workshop leader Dennis Kelly FCIPR from Teesside University successfully used this real live example to guide us through the creation of a PR strategy, bringing the whole process to life. We seven delegates ranged … Continue reading

Women’s networks in logistics – where is the benefit?

At the Women in Logistics AGM (www.womeninlogistics.org.uk) a few weeks ago, Kirsten Tisdale from Aricia Ltd raised a fabulous point. “Am I a ‘WIL’ or a ‘PIL’” she mused, “am I a woman in logistics or a person in logistics?’ Well, clearly both do indeed apply, but with passion, humour and intelligence she cogently argued why … Continue reading

Network rules

There is a surfeit of networking events at the moment.  Clearly a great way to meet new people and exchange ideas, but not right for everyone. You could conceivably start with a slap up breakfast network at around 7.30am, do a mid morning event over coffee, a lunch network taking you through to 2pm, possibly … Continue reading