Internal communication

Many companies focus all their communications outwards – to customers and prospective customers. However, here at Tigerfish PR, we’re big believers in having a two-way dialogue with staff. Why? Because they are your brand advocates. The ones who are the ‘face of the business’ every-time they speak to customers. The ones who need to understand the challenges you face. The ones who need to know about business successes. The ones with the solutions very often!

Employees provide customer service, use their ingenuity to design new products/services, make organisations work. And all employees should feel part of a team, and understand the vision of their company. Let Tigerfish PR help you communicate effectively with your team through:

Don’t leave it to chance or a passing comment.

We can help you regularly communicate with your customers through:.

Internal communication


Keep staff updated on what’s happening in the business and how they can get involved.
Internal communication


Find out what makes your staff tick with regular surveys and feedback initiatives.
Internal communication

Internal events

Keep your staff engaged with events at key milestones such as product launches, quarterly updates and end of year celebrations.
Internal communication

Social media

Engage your staff on your internal social media platforms and provide them with content they’ll want to share outside of the business too.
  • Bas van der Putten
    “Tigerfish go above and beyond – both in delivering campaigns that have made an impact on our business and also in how they work with us. They are productive, proactive and always go the extra mile.

    Our relationship with Tigerfish has moved to a partnership beyond communications and PR. They have become part of our team who also think about our business, our product development etc.

    They are very proactive and take initiatives as though they work at Cargoguide. I never feel that Tigerfish isn’t aware of things happening at Cargoguide, even though they have other clients. If you're looking for an agency that works with you instead of for you then Tigerfish is the go-to because it is really a different type of experience.”

    It feels like we are truly working towards a common goal with Tigerfish and even though you assume other agencies would say that, it doesn’t always feel that way. It does with Tigerfish.
    Bas van der Putten
  • Howard Sloane

    Amanda really cares about the quality of the end-product she produces and that level of personal service is vital in all businesses.

    Howard Sloane
    Peel Ports
  • Gail Everton

    Because of her experience in the logistics industry and extensive media contacts, Amanda was able to raise our profile considerably and it made a real difference to the business.

  • Rachael Kennedy

    Since we started working with Tigerfish, we have definitely received a lot more exposure in the press and the company’s profile has been raised considerably.

  • Paris Christopolos

    Tigerfish have really become part of our team. We use them as a sounding board, and are confident that they will create content, manage media relations and written customer engagement. They are doing a wonderful job in helping to improve our company image and brand awareness, driving traffic to our website and generating an increase volume of sales leads - frankly, they will just will make things happen, which leaves us to concentrate on providing the best service for our customers.


The Tigerfish approach

Careful planning, and targeted execution are crucial to a successful campaign. Every project we work on benefits from our experience, contacts, and willingness to push boundaries.

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