Tigerfish PR

A specialist logistics and manufacturing PR agency, we spread the good word about the work that you do.

With over 25 years experience in the B2B PR, Tigerfish has a wealth of knowledge about reputation management. We have worked with over 80 brands since Tigerfish PR was founded in 2001 and we're on a mission to get businesses out of stealth mode. As we all know, if people don't know about you; they can't buy from you.
We work with your team as a sounding board and to create cracking ways for you to communicate with your customers, staff and potential customers.

Who do we work with?

We work with businesses across the globe, who understand that their reputation is imperative to their long term success. Ranging in size from £3million - £600million, we work closely with owners or marketing teams, bringing our experience, skills and contacts to deliver real return on investment

Who don't we work with?

Well, for great PR to take place there has to be a synergy between an agency and client, so we decline to work with companies where we feel that that 'spark' isn't there. We also don't work with start up businesses (sorry), but because we feel so strongly that PR is vital for all businesses, large or small, we do run a regular one day workshop on DIY PR

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