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Capture 1 embraces marathon filming

Cheshire-based video production specialist Capture 1 has laces tied and is ready to go on filming one of the best live events in the country after it was selected to record, edit and distribute highlights of the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon.

The race, estimated to be the fastest-run marathon in the world with 10,000 participants, is no easy task to capture but will be safe in the hands of Capture 1, as this is the third consecutive year that the company will cover the event.

The large-scale operation will involve a full camera crew positioned along the full length of the course, which begins and ends at Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

As well as the official start, the winners and the participants crossing the finish line, the crew will film runners at every stage of the race, as well as footage of the supporters and the day’s entertainment.

To ensure none of the action is missed, team members will use bicycles and Manchester’s tram network to travel as much as 30 miles each on the day. Others will run stretches of the race whilst interviewing the participants as they compete.

Capture 1’s Helen Nurse said: “The most challenging thing is capturing all the key action as it happens. With live filming, you can’t ask people for a second take – you only get one chance!

“We will have cameramen around the course, making sure they capture the great atmosphere of the event. Of course, all the roads are closed because of the run, so in order to get from one venue to another, the camera crews will use trams and bicycles.

“The highlights footage gets widely shared on social media, and is a fantastic memory of the day. Apart from the distances involved, there are other challenges: there are thousands of people to potentially film – and such a variety of costumes to choose from. Not just the runners, but the supporters too. Last year they ranged from scuba divers to Scoobie Doo. And as it’s a live event, the start and finish lines are of highest importance. We don’t want to miss anything.”

The ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon, which takes place in Trafford on Sunday 6th April, is the flattest and fastest marathon in the UK and is recognised as one of the flattest courses in the world with only 54m elevation gain.

Starting and finishing at Manchester United Football Club, the marathon includes two-leg and four-leg relays for competitors wishing to run a shorter distance whilst still experiencing the race day atmosphere. A total of 10,000 entries were available for the 2014 race.


4 April 2014


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