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March 1, 2017
Ten Tigerfish top tips for social media (part 1)
May 1, 2017

Get the porch light working

From time to time I get asked to pitch to companies who see PR or indeed social media in general, as the answer to ALL their problems.

Sometimes it is because they have a problem communicating to staff

Sometimes it is because they aren’t converting sales

Sometimes it is because they aren’t selling anything.

But can PR cure this? Well, yes and no.

I would, of course, say PR is fabulous. It is a powerful way to communicate with your customers, potential customers, neighbours, employees and potential employees. It IS an extremely useful marketing tool and it can:

Help build reputations
Increase awareness of products and services
Enhance the credibility (and hence the worth) of a company
Makes people think more highly of you.
Help in opening new markets
Protect business in times of crisis.
Attract the best recruits and business partners
Enhance access to funding and investors
Create a premium value for products and services
Generate interest from new customers

We all see what happens to firms that don’t handle their PR well.

But strangely enough, it can’t work miracles. If your product is the wrong product. If it’s at the wrong price for the market. If your staff feel undervalued. If your sales team can’t convert… well, that all goes to a deeper level than PR.

Let’s get this in perspective. PR is an effective and persuasive way to reach out with your message. But the actions behind the words have just got to be there. There’s no hiding behind a miasma of spin.

To put it bluntly, if your house is in the dark, fix the porch light before installing the spotlights.

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