How do people search for brands online… and what does that mean for PR
May 1, 2017
Dear media sales rep….
May 1, 2017

Max your reputation on minimum budget

Think for a moment about the brands you buy. Of course, you have an opinion of them: you know something about what they do, you presumably like them, you know more-or-less where they are in the market i.e. – are they top of the range, like Waitrose or simply great value, like Aldi. Is it a Porche or a Kia?

And importantly, whatever brand it is, you know and understand its reputation.

But think for a moment. What do customers and potential customer know about your brand? How would they find out? Do you tell them?

This is where PR comes into its own. It gives companies a fantastic opportunity to give build a brand through case studies, demonstration of ethical decisions, investment in technology, development of people. It enables us to make our own opinions of what the ‘brand’ is like. What values you have. Whether to buy from you…

At Tigerfish PR we work with companies ranging  from start ups to multimillion pound ventures, helping them boost their reputation – which results in improvements to their profits, because people buy from companies they know about.

On August 13th 2014, Tigerfish PR MD, Amanda Jackson will be sharing some top tips on ways you can boost your own company’s reputation. Book soon, as space is limited.

And if you’re too busy, running your own business or department, don’t worry. We are offering three FREE PR one-to-ones, via Google Hangouts, to look at PR opportunities for your own business… so you can take PR forward yourself. Email us now to reserve a place.

Or simply relax, concentrate on what you’re good at, and let the team at Tigerfish PR boost your reputation for you.

But whatever you do, don’t boast about being “our sector’s best kept secret”. Really… it’s nothing to be proud about! (and it won’t get you nearly as many customers as being known will)



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