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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

Networking – just another 60 seconds?

LDB networking

Let’s Do Business celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2014

There are well over 1000 networking groups in the UK, which meet every week. You could dine out, breakfast, lunch and dinner for £5-£10 a session, just as long as you can smile and summon your 60 second ‘elevator pitch’. And in return?  Well, apart from being fed, you can meet possibly hundreds of new, potential business referrers.

It works for some businesses, but for many, the best networks aren’t just about getting new business. They’re about training, support, being in a group of entrepreneurs who can share ideas, best practise and advice.

Which is just what independent business to business networking group, Let’s Do Business, is about.

It meets every Friday morning, 7am until 9am, at Dantes near Chorley, and over the past four weeks (as well as having our ’60 seconds’) we have:

  • had an update on what’s going on at Chorley Council,
  • we’ve shared information on the best apps for business (which you might like to see on our blog),
  • we’ve learnt all about the challenges of divorce from our legal specialist,
  • and worked in small groups discussing how we will measure this year’s business successes.

There is always an opportunity to share good news, and we have a roundup of other events that are on, and of course a referral session.

Of course, as Chair of the group, I’m probably biased, but what I like most about the group is the variety of topics covered, the changing programme and sharing business challenges.

Running a business can be quite a juggle – it’s nice to know there are other people there to rely on.

If you would like to come along as a visitor to the group, or if you want to share what sort of things go on in your own networking group, do please leave a comment below.


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