May 1, 2017
Giventis launches strategic partnership
May 1, 2017

RoadSkills backs Road Safety Week

Safer driving expert Road Skills is urging all drivers to take advantage of Road Safety Week to improve their driving skills and help make the country’s roads safer.

Road Safety Week is a national campaign taking place between November 18 and 24. It is orchestrated by charity Brake to raise awareness about road safety and promote steps that everyone can take to help prevent needless deaths and injuries.

The week will involve information across the media, as well as action packs which will be distributed through various organisations.

Road Skills founder David Somers says drivers should be taking notes: “Road safety is a very important topic. Most people drive and, unfortunately, many of them will be involved in accidents.

“The more they are aware of safer driving techniques, the less likely they are to become involved in an accident, and injure themselves or anybody else.”

Somers said that safer driving can be simple to achieve: “Most driving can be improved with better hazard perception and more concentration behind the wheel. A vast majority of drivers overestimate their own ability, and underestimate the need to stay within speed limits or keep safe distances.

“I urge every driver to take advantage of Road Safety Week to brush up on their knowledge. You may be surprised by what you didn’t know.”

Road Skills are sending out its Injury Prevention Code of Conduct poster and its Cyclist TBT to clients.

“We are asking all our clients to take their drivers through the Cyclist TBT. This is especially pertinent after the recent spate of cyclist deaths on London roads.”

The Road Skills online driver training course can be found at www.Online-DriverTraining.com and details of Road Safety Week can be found at http://www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk

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Editors’ notes:

Road Skills (www.roadskills.biz)  are industry leading specialists in commercial vehicle and car fleet risk and collision reduction.

The range of services includes manager/driver behaviour; health & safety management systems; online risk assessment, telematics data and O licence undertaking.


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