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March 1, 2017
Ten Tigerfish top tips for social media (part 1)
May 1, 2017

Seven essential business apps for iphone

Last year I succumbed to an iphone 4. My previous phone would only make and accept calls and text messages – now, predictably, I can’t imagine how I ever coped without my entire office around me.

So I’d like to share with you the SEVEN business apps I use the most on my phone.

  • Evernote As they say ‘remembers everything’. And amazingly it does. All those fab websites you think you’ll come back to… the odd typed note…a photocopied recipe….a crucial email. Yup, they can all be stored via Evernote, and tagged for easy retrieval. Brilliant.
  • SplashID A password manager. With all sorts of websites needing logins, from shopping sites to magazine access, this secure way to store passwords etc a must. Especially if you have a sieve for a brain like me.
  • wifitrak Remarkably simple, remarkably effective. Just flags up if there are any wifi networks nearby, and if they are open or not.
  • Dropbox This syncs, stores and shares files online. Great if you are working from a couple of computers – or indeed if you want a colleague or client to amend a file/design. No more working from the wrong version – you’ll both have the most up to date one
  • Teux Deux Gosh I just love this app. I use it on my desktop too – as it’s just the most simple, most effective to do list. And it has a great introductory video, well worth watching. I can quickly capture all those little to do items that crop up when I’ve just come out of a meeting. Or having a coffee at motorway services. Or frankly, when my mind is in neutral, shopping or whatever, and I have a brainwave. I also like the ‘someday’ option. That’s for notes such as: someday – be awesome. Someday – be on top of your filing.
  • Logmein This app was practically a life saver, (well, face-saver is nearer the truth to be honest) when I was able to access a file from my desktop…. It enables you to remotely control your office computer, as if you were sitting right in front of it. My top tip though, is to adjust the settings on your computer to prevent it going into ‘sleep’ mode.
  • Eventbrite And finally, this is a relatively new find. I’m running twitter courses and PR courses at the moment, and using Eventbrite to promote them. This is a really simple app which lets you make a record of who has attended a session. Ok, so it’s not desperately useful for my workshops which tend to have less than 10 on them… but hey, it appeals to my inner geek. Humour me!

So that’s a list of my most favourite business apps at the moment. What are yours?

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