How do people search for brands online… and what does that mean for PR
May 1, 2017
Dear media sales rep….
May 1, 2017

Small business owners.. start thinking big!

Do you own a small business? Are you rushed off your feet doing everything, from ordering stationery to new business quotes? From your accounts to promoting your business. You’d not be alone. There are 45,000 businesses in Lancashire alone, and in many of them, the owner manager will be doing the same sort of juggling, hoping there were more than 26 hours in every day…

But you don’t have to do that. We say we do all these extra things because we can get them “free” – but they’re only free if you don’t value your own time.

PR is a classic which falls into this category. I have people saying to me ‘oh we do our own PR’ – which of course is possible. In fact, I’m running one of my ‘DIY PR courses‘ shortly. But it takes time. Time which you could spend on your businesses, developing client relations, introducing new products and services.

Imagine what a difference it would make to your business if people have heard good things about you… or have read about some great work you’ve done… It brings in new business, and turns leads into warmer leads. We can’t buy from companies we don’t know about, and we prefer to buy from companies with a good reputation. How nice would it be if someone is boosting your reputation through social and traditional media?

So start thinking like a bigger company. Engage with external specialists to free up time to do what you’re good at.


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