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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

The importance of why


Do you ever tell people what you do? About what you manufacture, or the service you provide? Now might be the time to think about another, and dare I say it, better way to introduce yourself and your business.

When we’re asked about our businesses, most of us say what we do, how we do it, why we’re better… but in all honesty, that can be pretty underwhelming.

The truth is, people don’t really buy ‘stuff’ from us, they buy WHY we do it.

So we need to be communicating from the inside out – talking about our reasons for doing what we do, what drives us.  Why was Dr Martin Luther King’s speech so compelling? It was ‘I believe…’ not ‘I have a plan…’

The bottom line is that you don’t just want to sell to people who want what you have. You should be selling to people who believe what you believe.

There is a fantastic TED talk by Simon Sinek who explains with gusto why Apple is so successful. He explains that they don’t  say:  “We make computers, the look nice, they can make your computer use easier. Want to buy one?” (which is saying what they do, how, finally why)

Instead they reverse the order to why, how and what. Their pitch is “In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently; because of that we build beautiful easy to use computers which are fantastic; and these are the computers. Want to buy one?”

So, what are you passionate about? Why do you do your business? How is that passion shown in what you do?

Me? I’m on a mission to prevent local businesses being “Lancashire’s best kept secret”.  I’m helping businesses tell the world all the great things that they do.

(thanks to Peter Dickinson for sharing this TED talk during his workshop at Community & Business Parters)

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