How do people search for brands online… and what does that mean for PR
May 1, 2017
Dear media sales rep….
May 1, 2017

The secret about PR and manufacturers


In my experience, almost all manufacturers are very modest about what they do. They see it as everyday stuff, nothing which would interest anyone else, and feel that PR is for other companies. Bigger companies. Anyone, certainly not them.

However. Brace yourself for a shocking revelation… you’re already doing PR. Your factory is well kept with good strong signage. That’s PR. The way the phone gets answered – that’s PR. Your approach with clients. That’s PR. PR is reputation and communications. Not spin and bluster.

PR isn’t a negative thing to do, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine what anyone else could possibly want to know about your business. And to be honest, we all feel like that sometimes! It takes an outside eye to look for the opportunities.

Picture the scene – you open your local paper and there on the business pages is a story about one of your competitors. Or you hear, via one of your customers, that they’d read a story about a successful project someone else had completed. Or you struggle to get apprentices, because you get only a handful applying because no one knows you take them on.

Now imagine instead if your customers read about the great work you do, and realises you’re worth every penny of that price increase. Or you get more of the work you like doing because you’re reaching thousands of people (via a trade magazine) so they know that you do it. Or you come higher up in Google because there are more places that people are mentioning your company.

I’m sure you’d agree that most companies would prefer the second scenario. Who wouldn’t?

So manufacturers out there – stop pretending that PR is for big companies, blaggers or a different sector. Give me a call!


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