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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

What’s the similarity between your PR and watching the Olympics?

With the amazing triumph of the London Olympics, and unparalleled sales of Paralympics tickets, I expect there will be a surge of people rushing off down the gym with new found enthusiasm.

Yet I predict this rush to get fit will be shortlived. Once people realise they’re not up to Olympian standards after 2 months, their interest will wain.

This is pretty much how some people approach their PR

Who’s ever read about their competitors and wanted some similar coverage…and then if you lie down quietly, the urge goes away? Who’s ever had a really significant newsworthy event in their business…. only to have peaked with that one story, then sink back into radio-silence? Sadly, interest drops off without those instant results.


And whilst it’s true that Olympians are not created overnight, neither is a PR campaign. Most elite atheletes have been in sustained programmes at least since the last Olympics four years ago – and many for years before that too.  And it is the same with your online and offline reputation. You need to dash off more than a couple of press releases to become a winner.


Both PR and Olympians need a sustained plan and regular activity. And think how great winning that medal will feel.

Roll on 2016

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