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May 1, 2017
Telling your story
May 1, 2017

Why would anyone turn away business?

I was invited to tender (ITT) for some business last week. Quite a big slug of business actually. Yet I declined.

As a business woman, it sounds counter productive to be turning away opportunities. After all, in this economic climate, every pound counts. But I’m a fervent believer in working with people who have a product or service which I feel comfortable promoting. PR is an odd sort of profession from that point of view. Although my clients’ businesses clearly aren’t mine, I feel very protective of them. I need to like the people I work with and the way they work. We need to have the same ethical stance, regardless of sector specialism.

In order to really get behind a business and make the client/agency relationship work, there has got to be that synergy. The way I work is more of a collaborative approach, which is a win-win way all round.

So, the fact is, this week I’m shorter on work, but longer on resolve – and it feels good.

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