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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

Workaholic? Six tricks to a having a successful holiday

Running a business and having a holiday can be a challenge, but they don’t need to be mutually incompatible.

Here are some great tips I use to enable me to enjoy a holiday, yet still keep on top of business issues:

  1. Put your holiday dates on your email footer for a fortnight before you go away – so everyone has good notice of your absence.

  2. Use So if you have an email you want to see when you’re back in the office, put that date in the subject line, and forward it to Awesomely easy and effective *

  3. Use the time  away to mull over business ideas. Usually a fresh perspective really helps

  4. Keep up to date using Flipboard

  5. If you do use an ‘out of office’ message, don’t miss the opportunity to infuse it with your personality (see the post from 12 July 12 on my facebook page)

  6. Jot down any new cracking ideas on

And, er, use the time to write a new blog or two. Or deux, if you are writing them in France, as indeed I am.

* I so need to warn you of  a slight glitch with nudgemail… I had an automated ‘out of office’ message set up, then organised a nudgemail reminder. Sadly, both automated systems happily chatted to each other, responding and counter responding. 2500 emails in one day later, I had  to use ‘logmein‘ to remotely change some desktop settings. Oh well, live and learn!





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