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May 1, 2017
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Being brave: similarities between business people and skiers

One of my recurring themes is how the best skiers are just like the best business people.

Why? Well, they both need to have courage. Not foolhardy, but brave. They both need to be aware of the changing situation, take opportunities but when they have committed to doing something, the most successful, see it through.


There are other similarities too:

  • If you always take the easy route, it’s not as much fun
  • The ‘off piste’ run might not be as busy as the main way, but is more challenging, more rewarding and requires more skill
  • When faced with a tricky decision, you have to be flexible, but not half-hearted.
  • You don’t get good at something by staying indoors and not challenging yourself
  • Being successful doesn’t happen overnight – you need to keep practising
  • You can improve by watching others, but having training and a coach is what will really make a difference.

So my question to all of you who ski … what other ways do you think there are similarities?

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