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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

How to get more engagement with social media

Did you know that content which includes an image receives 120-180% more engagement than a text based post? And people like to see real people delivering content.

So how can you weave that into your PR campaign?

Here are some ideas to involve your staff and customers telling their stories:

  • customer testimonials
  • success stories
  • behind the scenes interview
  • vox pops
  • new product reviews
  • virtual tours
  • thank you for donations
  • plans for the next year

You could do these in print – or indeed create a short video clip to create content.

Liz from @digienable gave a fascinating talk at Lancashire’s first women-led social media conference in November, and she gave some basic do’s and don’ts for creating video.

  • Do – plan
  • Do – check you are recording before starting
  • Do – think about the sound levels
  • Only – film as much as you need
  • Don’t – talk over others
  • Do – get permission from the people and the place
  • Do – be creative
  • Do – think of health and safety issues

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