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May 1, 2017
May 1, 2017

Ten ways to attract more customers to your exhibition

Exhibiting can be costly, but it is a great way to promote your business, meet old and new customers and showcase your products or services.

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that once you’ve booked your stand, then that is enough to get people to visit. Here are some free things to do which will make all the difference to how successful your trade show appearance will be:

  1. Send a personal invitation to all your clients telling them that you will be at the show and inviting them to join you there
  2. Email everyone on your database inviting them to the show (with a link to register)
  3. Upload the stand details to the homepage of your website, and make sure your news section is updated with exhibition details/ what you will be exhibiting.
  4. Tweet about the show.
  5. Share the information on your LinkedIn profile, company profile and in all the groups you belong to.
  6. Spend time ringing your top 50 customers to do a follow up to the invitation you’ve sent through the post to them.
  7. Think of giveaway prizes to get people  to leave their details at your stand, does not have to be expensive…..or a business card drop to win a prize
  8. Send out a press release about your attendance at the show (details of magazines covering it, will usually be in your exhibitor’s pack)
  9. Make sure you put your latest press releases in the press office
  10. Include details of the show you are attending on your email footer – with a link to register




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