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August 1, 2017
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June 23, 2017
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October 19, 2017

We’re all told we need to talk our customer’s language, but when you’re really close to a topic, it’s quite difficult isn’t it? We forget about the jargon we use, day-to-day.

A classic is this email that came in. It was from a magazine sales person, who presumably is trying to sell space. Or maybe an advertorial?  They write:

Do do you have any publishing requirements at this stage? We are currently offering 25 credits of enhanced publishing on xxx for £500+ VAT (usual price = £36 + VAT per unit).

This…. brings the price per unit down to £2 and you can take up to 12 months to use your enhanced credits!

Seriously? I have no idea what these credits might be. And the price per unit sounds great, but hey, too good to be true?

Remember, you can be too close to your subject to get perspective – and too far from your customers to realise what they want.

If you want an outside view on your content, or indeed, some research undertaking about what your customers’ requirements really are, do give us a call on 07881 62 11 43.

We promise just straight talking, down to earth advice.



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