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December 6, 2017
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December 13, 2017

Take the challenge: Are you in stealth mode?

Each year we see great companies that simply don’t tell either their customers let alone their potential customers about the wonderful things that they do. Some don’t, because they ‘don’t want to brag’; some don’t, because they don’t think they are doing anything special, and some don’t because they don’t have the time to even think about it.

Which one are you?

But the fact is, 67% of buying decisions begin online, so imagine how much more likely it will be for you to get the sale, if your potential customer has read great things about you.

Would you buy something that only had a one star review?

Take the quiz now to see if your business is in stealth mode or not…

Question 1

You have just won a massive, one-off  order. The customer won’t be ordering this again from anyone. Do you

a) announce the win, ask for a testimonial, use it as a reference;

b) thank all the staff involved – that’s enough isn’t it?

c) just get on and deliver it.

Question 2

You are going to a trade show. Do you

a) follow all the advice in the exhibitors manual and plan your promotion campaign

b) put your listing online and mean to do more, but run out of time

c) work on the principle that you’re paying good money to attend so the organisers should do all the promotion themselves

Question 3

You have been in business 30 years. Do you

a)  have a year long campaign to celebrate this landmark

b) buy a big cake on the day and share it with your team,

c) think 30 years? Who’d be interested in that?


Mainly A answers: excellent stuff – you are really putting your company on the map and will reap business benefits. You would benefit from one of our communication clarity workshops as you’re clearly doing some great but might like some ideas on how to make it even more effective.

Mainly B answers: well, you’re on the right line, but you need help to get your message out wider. You’ve not got the resources to do it in-house. And maybe a few additional ideas would help too… email hello@tigerfishpr.co.uk and let’s have a chat.

Mainly C answers: you are in stealth mode! And as we all know, people can’t buy from you, if they don’t know about you. We think you need more than just a quick chat…. but only if you want to do something different with your marketing.

If you do want to get better known for the great things that your business does, book right now for a  FREE 20 minute call – I’m confident we can offer a tip, a strategy or an insight that will make a real difference. What have you got to lose?

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