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June 13, 2022
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Here’s to a successful 2023

In January, I bet if I asked you if you were planning your communications strategy for 2023, you would say that’s exactly what you were doing.

Your list task list would include:

  • setting out your business’ growth trajectory
  • creating meaningful KPIs
  • increasing client contact
  • improving the visibility of your business

Good intentions

And now, 6 weeks in, how are you getting on?

I’m sure some of you are feeling slightly guilty at this point. Yes, you’re ambitious for your business, but you’re super-busy already. There’s not enough hours in the day for all this extra work.

Perhaps a new project has already landed, and you just don’t have the resources or capacity to review your own communications. Perhaps you’re already juggling so many initiatives, you don’t have the headspace for this too. Or perhaps you just got sidetracked by other things.

But you’re not alone. Whether you’re a business owner or a marketeer, it’s quite common for us to pile on the workload, resulting in longer-term strategy and planning getting pushed to the ‘tomorrow’ list.

Over the years, we’ve helped many businesses with their communications and PR – the strategy and implementation too – leaving them able to concentrate on their core work and knowing that everything is in hand. 

Communications clarity package

In fact, most businesses start with our ‘Communications clarity’ package. It’s designed to really get to the heart of what will work to achieve your business objectives, and it’s a good starting point – there’s no point just leaping into PR without a plan.

In a one-to-one session with you and your leadership team, we look at:

  • how your communications strategy needs to align with your business plan – so that everyone is focused on the right things
  • identifying your stakeholders so that you can make sure your marketing communications are correctly targeted
  • identifying your news hooks to grab journalists, so that when you send something out, it will be picked up
  • look at practical ways you can evaluate what you do, so that you know what is working (so you can do more of it)

Spring clean

If that sounds like it would be a helpful starting point, now’s the time to take action. Book your PR Possibilities call today, and that’s one step nearer to your ‘new year, new strategy’ goals.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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