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February 21, 2018
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September 8, 2019

New training course for the lone marketeer

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In many businesses we see individuals who are tasked with marketing… but it’s a tough job to do alone. There is often no-one to bounce ideas off, to provide insights/ new skills or to keep them on track.

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Which is why we have created a new course to address this challenge Designed for people who have taken on a marketing role without formal marketing qualifications, or those who simply want to brush up their skills, this 6 month programme is a mix of online half day workshops, combined with fortnightly online accountability sessions so that you can be as effective as possible.

It covers 6 main topics: 

Strategic planning and productivity tools

So you can make sure that you are working on the right things at the right time. We look at how to plan campaigns, keep on top of work and create a roadmap for your projects.

Strategic planning and productivity tools

Networking and exhibitions

How to identify your customers, where to find them and how to make sure your company makes a good impact. It’s all about reputation and this will be an ongoing theme throughout the course.

Strategic planning and productivity tools

What makes news – and how to get media coverage

We help you identify what makes a great news story, how to create content for online and print media, and how to get greater brand awareness through relevant media coverage. Go from PR shame to PR fame!

Strategic planning and productivity tools

Customer engagement – surveys, newsletters and feedback

Learn how to best engage with your customers; find out what they want more of, and how to deliver it. We’ll look how you can best use e-marketing, newsletters, surveys, case studies and testimonials.

Strategic planning and productivity tools

Maximising social media effectiveness

Are you spending endless hours on your social media with little impact? In this session we take you though the basics right through to giving you some insider tips to making your social media work as hard as you need it to.

Strategic planning and productivity tools

Evaluating your marketing and using external agencies

We believe in the ‘plan, do, review’ approach – but the evaluation part is all too often overlooked. Learn how you can evaluate campaigns in house and explore which are the most successful. There is also a great skill in being able to get the most from external agencies – we share what works best, what to avoid, and how to be the savviest client.

Strategic planning and productivity tools

If this sounds like the sort of course you or a colleague would benefit from, do get in touch today.

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