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February 11, 2023
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The broccoli blog

Do you think good PR is just positive media coverage?

You know when you think positively about a company, it’s generally based on your interaction with it; or what you’ve heard about it – or your real-life experience. No amount of great media coverage is, for example, going to change our minds about shoddy, unreliable firm.

I am a firm believer in the fact that PR agencies are vital to amplify good products and services so that the widest audience is reached – but it is everyone, EVERYONE in a business that impacts its PR, and how that business is perceived.

And here is a photo that demonstrates the very essence of my assertion. It was taken in a local supermarket, and I was jolted out of my routine by something out of the ordinary.

Just look at the care taken with this broccoli. Yes, it is probably the most ergonomical arrangement for packing, but someone has made a real effort – whether that was the supplier or the shelf stacker, I don’t know. But someone has thought about the display; considered the condition of a delicate product; created an impact on the shelf.

How can this relate to a business?

  • Attend to the basic aesthetics – clean windows/ clean vans/ good signage/ safe operating space
  • Look after your team & establish best practise – HR teams will be able to advise, but we all know what ‘good service’ looks like
  • Use case studies to demonstrate your good customer/ client relationships
  • Go the extra mile for customers
  • Share best practise

I’m not really in the habit of taking photos of my groceries – or indeed sharing them on a website, but this small example of brassica display shouted care and quality. And great companies know to start with the basics.

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